Element Botanicals - Anoint Oil - Skull
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Element Botanicals - Anoint Oil - Skull

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Spiced jasmine anointing oil is an intoxicating blend of pure, nourishing wildcrafted botanicals and precious essential oils. Airy jasmine, spicy cardamom, and earthy resins naturally perfume and soften the skin. Based on a traditional blend used to prepare the mind for ritual and to align to higher realms.
Use for: body, hair serum, bath, massage, altar, meditation, daily rituals, perfume.
50 ml glass skull bottle, packaged in a kraft gift box with a vintage anatomy skull seal. 100% natural essential oils in grapeseed, avocado, botanically infused olive and (unscented) coconut oils.
Key elements: organic olive oil infused with calendula, comfrey, rosehips, chamomile, plantain, and lavender. Each of these botanicals has been carefully chosen and meticulously measured to add superior nourishment to the skin.