Luna Rose Remedies - Harmonizing Chakra Roll On - Heart
Luna Rose Remedies

Luna Rose Remedies - Harmonizing Chakra Roll On - Heart

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HEART has been formulated with essential oils to encourage an open heart Charka to infinite love and acceptance.

Rose – The essence of love. This oil intensifies the loving energy of the heart chakra and is deeply healing, especially in times of emotional pain and grief.

Bergamot – Opens the heart Chakra and embraces feminine energy. 

How to use: Roll onto temples, pulse points and heart Chakra. Inhale the scent.

Please note: We use FCF Bergamot essential oil which means this blend is not photo sensitive. 

 Information on the Heart Chakra

 Location: Middle of chest

Colour: Green

Crystals associated with this Chakra: Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Emerald, Watermelon, Green Jade.

Attributes: Love, joy, inner peace. Enhance the ability to love yourself and others.