Element Botanicals - Man Up Lotion
Element Botanicals

Element Botanicals - Man Up Lotion

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Splendidly soothing.
Keep your skin looking it's best with this hard-working lotion.
Potent yet gentle botanicals help to keep the skin looking healthy, clear, and soft.
Use after shaving or any time to protect and soothe. Silk and antioxidant-rich extracts ease irritation and soften the skin. Our all-natural aromatherapy blend benefits the skin and leaves a natural woodland fresh scent.
This line of re-imagined barber shop inspired products is created for everyone who simply wants to 'man up' and take care of their skin.
Key elements:
Kombucha, green tea, Dong Quai and botanical extracts: Selected botanicals that deliver antioxidants to the skin to promote overall skin health.