Sick Chick Designs - Rockies
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Sick Chick Designs - Rockies

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If the moutains are calling you - don't forget your earrings.

This pair of errings is our classic. We live in the mountains, we watch them every day from our windows, we snowboard them, climb them, hike them. And we love them.

Stud earrings. Small and sweet in your ears. Just 12 mm wide and 7 mm long. Thickness is 3 mm.

Cut from locally sourced walnut wood, hand painted with love.
​Truly made in Revelstoke, BC.

We care about your delightful ears. We always make sure that every stud is made from hypoallergenic material - titanium.

Our jewelry is hand painted. It means there might be a slight differences in colours. But this is what makes your pair of earrings unique.