Sick Chick Designs - Canadian Classic
Sick Chick

Sick Chick Designs - Canadian Classic

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Your hangover besties. How do you like them? With bacon? Olives? Celery? Poutines?:)

Stud earrings. Uneven shape. Approximately 1.2 cm long. Thickness is 2 - 3 mm.

This earrings are cut from locally sourced walnut wood and hand painted with passion for Caesar coctails.. Truly made in Revelstoke, BC.

We care about your delightful ears, so we make sure each stud is made from hypoallergenic material - titanium.
Every pair contains double protection against losing. As we know, how sad it can be to lose your new favourite earring.

Our jewelry is hand painted. It means there might be slight differences in colours. But this is what makes your pair of earrings unique.