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Energizing and reviving blend of yerba mate and guayusa combined with refreshing peppermint, sweet licorice root, healing turmeric and uplifting orange peel and lemongrass.

Yerba mate and guayusa are caffeinated herbs from South America, valued for their unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and energizing effect without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated drinks.

The flavour of this brew is minty, earthy and herbaceous. It is suitable to be served with milk or added honey or sugar.

Energize and awaken your senses with our sweet, minty, herbal blend of energizing ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic yerba mate, organic turmeric root, organic peppermint, organic guayusa, organinc orange peel, organic licorice root, organic lemongrass