Luna Rose Remedies - Harmonizing Chakra Roll On - Solar Plexus
Luna Rose Remedies

Luna Rose Remedies - Harmonizing Chakra Roll On - Solar Plexus

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SOLAR PLEXUS has been formulated with essential oils to cleanse and protect the solar plexus chakra, which is known as our input/output energy center.


Vetiver – protects from heavy or unwanted energy from entering your auric field. This oil also resonates with the base Chakra as it helps to instill calm.

Juniper – Cleanses heavy energy that has made its way into or around the Solar Plexus.

Lemon – The oil of confidence and self worth.

How to use: Roll onto temples and pulse points. Inhale the scent. If you know that you will be going into a crowned place, or you find yourself in an unsettling or fearful situation, apply this blend to your solar plexus in an anti clockwise direction.

Please note: Lemon is a photo sensitive essential oil, therefore do not use this blend on areas of the skin you plan to expose in direct sunlight within 12 hours of application. 

Information on Solar Plexus

Location: Abdomen, two inches above the naval

Colour: Varied shades of Yellow

Crystals associated with this Chakra: Tigers Eye, Aventurine, Sunstone, Yellow Citrine.

Attributes: Self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, self-control without listening to egotistic thoughts.